Our Vision

Image972 million primary school aged children around the world aren’t currently in school. Childhood should be a happy time spent playing with friends, enjoying a favourite toy – even planning for the first day of school, however, these children often can’t go to school because they need to work just to help their families survive.

Of those who do go to school, many drop out before they master basic reading, writing, and math skills. In half of developing countries, about a fifth of pupils don’t reach the last grade of primary school. Many families in developing countries cannot afford to pay for food let alone school fees or for learning materials, school uniforms, and transport to school.

Child malnutrition is a global epidemic that affects one in three children under the age of 5 and undermines their ability to learn.

We need your help to break the cycle of poverty and change the future for these children and their communities. In later years their children will also benefit from your help because they then have the ability to provide for themselves.

The education crisis affects us all worldwide; it affects the global economy, it impacts on our own happiness and wellbeing (whether we like it or not) and will affect our own children and their children, unless we are willing to contribute.

Poverty alleviation is expected to make better progress in the next 50 years than it has in the past 50. As we understand more than ever the importance of education, it is a hand up rather than a hand out!

What We’re Doing

child 4We have of goal of sponsoring 1000 children’s education this year in developing countries, and running after school programs for 1000 Australian children to provide them with valuable life skills they may not have learned otherwise.

We know that when children have access to education, it improves their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing they can reach their full potential. eQ foundation is so passionate about you achieving your goals, creating an inspiring future, and living your dreams that we would love you to be a part of (and share in) ours, because we believe that these children also deserve the right to have a dreams and create an inspiring future – they just need our help.

We believe that the best way we can change a child’s life is to provide an education. By providing this equal opportunity for children worldwide – with your support – we can, and will, transform not only the child’s life, but will help generations to follow as they become young adults who can provide for themselves & contribute to their own community.

The vision just gets bigger because beyond 2016 we aim to work with more communities and families both internationally and here in Australia to create happy, healthy futures for children. There are many Australian children who are also in need. In any crisis situation or natural disaster we want to become involved and really help create a sense of community. Our goal is to focus on how the children have been impacted in these circumstances and offer funds to assist. This will be on a case-by-case basis and our committee will be responsible for deciding where our funds are distributed.

Our passion is helping our youth so another area we would like to assist is sponsoring teens to take part in the eQ Youth seminars so that disadvantaged teens who might otherwise miss out due to lack of funds will get the chance to attend these amazing life transforming programs.